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Trinity St. Vanvouer
British Columbia

A space to engage in and come in contact with the woodworking of Jeremy Eisenhauer. 

Home Building


Jeremy Eisenhauer

We’re beginning to see it everywhere - when it comes to building, small is beautiful. There is a shift in the way we are approaching structures and homes. Whereas we used to think of maximizing inside space, we’re now considering outside space as part of the beauty of what makes a house a home. Whereas there used to be a lack in consideration for the environmental impact on what a large home can be, we are now shifting towards thinking more in terms of needs, versus wants. And when these shifts take place, they naturally allow for more beauty, more attention to detail, more flow in the home and outside in the immediate surroundings.

Denise and Elliot were extremely detailed and conscientious clients to work with. From the initial concept drawings, which they did themselves, they had clear vision for how they wanted their home to look and feel. From the placing of plants and trees on the exterior, to the natural light they wanted flooding into each room at certain times of the day. All detail was aimed at with dexterity and precision from the get go.

This home features locally sourced and milled cedar siding, Western Birch ceiling panels, Maple flooring and window sill details, as well as locally made Birch cabinetry by Purcell Custom Wood Products. The timber frame deck and roof structure was made onsite of locally sourced Red Cedar, by J. Eisenhauer Woodworks crew.


Jeremy Eisenhauer

Every home, every structure has a story, and this ones is an epic tale. For almost a decade, the owner of this home laboured to build himself and his family a timber frame home in a beautiful little fruit orchard in the valley of Kaslo BC. One year after they moved in, the house tragically caught fire and the upper floor of the home was destroyed, and the main floor and basement were significantly damaged. We demolished the upper floor of the house completely and rebuilt the house from the ground up inside and out. All the salvageable timbers from the old roof system were re-used to build a full wrap around deck on the back of the house, and the torched look of the timbers became the motif for the rest of the house.  

Angry Hen Brewery

Jeremy Eisenhauer

Not much of the original 1900’s era building was left intact on this building, but this was the most thorough restoration/addition we’ve ever been a part of (despite a lot of this kind of work in Vancouver in the early years of my construction career). At one point during construction, three of the four walls were completely removed and a web of temporary framing was holding up the roof and the original facade of the building while we removed (by hand) the stone and mortar foundation and poured all new engineered concrete foundation around the perimeter of the building. The addition in the back of the building was built by my dear friend and local wizard-philosopher-carpenter Peter Chomiz. We focussed mostly on the restoration work on the existing building, tying that in with the addition and then all of the finishing details inside and out. We not only got to build the bar top and built-ins behind the bar, we also made all the tables inside the taphouse using local Douglas Fir. We also did a fair amount of taste testing in the evenings while Shirley (the Angry Hen herself) the brewmaster was trying out new recipes. It was hard work during the day, but well worth it when we tasted the amazing beer she was brewing up!

Taqueria El Corazon

Jeremy Eisenhauer

Not only is this space beautifully curated, the tacos and drinks are the best you’ll ever find, hands down. Dan and Betty own this gem of a taco shop, and they did all the design work of the space themselves. It’s a small hidden gem in the heart of Kaslo BC. We were fortunate to be a part of their vision by building the bar top, and doing all the stain grade wood finishing throughout the restaurant.