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Trinity St. Vanvouer
British Columbia

A space to engage in and come in contact with the woodworking of Jeremy Eisenhauer. 





My Great Grandfather Eisenhauer was a master carpenter in Mahone Bay, NS and every descendant of his since has been an entrepreneur in the same field. My father has a wood window and door manufacturing business in Vancouver and both my older and younger brothers are journeymen carpenters running their own businesses in Vancouver BC. Needless to say, carpentry runs in the family.

After 15 years in the carpentry field, J. Eisenhauer Woodworks is now a Certified Licensed Builder in BC. Congruous with furniture making in the shop, we now mostly focus on fine home building. On the construction front, we generally have a crew of between 6 and 8 workers year around. Always with a keen eye on the pursuit of beauty, we focus specifically on building custom homes with lots of architectural wood details among other innovative accents. We are skilled, communicative, excited about new opportunities and love what we do. I am very thankful to have great people work with, and to have the opportunity to work on some really wonderful projects over the years.


Almost every year as a young boy, I would carve my parents’ birthday and Christmas presents out of firewood on summer camping trips. At around the age of 8, my dad bought me a simple carving tool set, and I would carve out little canoes that looked exactly the same as our Greenwood cedar and canvas canoe, or so I thought. I have loved the smells, the grain and the texture from that time on. 

I work on my own and generally work on single projects at a time. I have made all kinds of furniture and have done a plethora of different types of woodworking projects. Wild edge bed frames, coopered front cabinets, skin on frame kayaks, rolling wine-racks, solid wood doors - almost anything you can think of. I do not use any sheet goods (plywood etc) in my furniture work.

In the STORE section of this website, you'll find items that I make when I don't have commissions on the go and can manage the extra time.

I really, really, really (really) like using a wooden smoothing hand plane that I made when I did my training at Inside Passage School of Fine Woodworking, where I received a certificate in Fine Cabinetmaking. 


I have four beautiful (IMO) children, Henry, Lucia, Anna Rose and Josiah James to keep myself and my wife Sheree busy enough. In 2013, an effort to slow life down brought us from the Hasting Sunrise area of Vancouver, to Kaslo BC, a beautiful little mountain village in the heart of the west Kootenays. Sheree and I (and now the kids) have spent an abundance of time touring around Canada and the USA playing music as well. We still play often, but mostly we spend free time with the kids, walking in the woods, keeping the fire going in the wood stove, lake swimming, canoeing, picking berries, and gazing up at the mystical towering mountains as much as possible.